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21 amazing facts about German shepherd dog.

The German Shepherd is one of the most famous  breed of dog all over the world and has won many hearts.This dog breed is very loyal to human families.   here are some interesting facts about German shepherd dog

Here are some:- Top 21 facts about German shephard.

Fact 1:- German shepherd dog is one of the dog breed that have dog after their name because people confused of their name i.e German shepherd  (the human).
Fact 2:- Schutzhund sport  was developed in the 1990s specifically for this breed. It was developed  to test the natural instincts of the German Shepherd dog breed.
Facts 3:-  German Shepherd is the second most registered or famous dog breed in  USA at 3.5 million (first  Golden Retriever).

Fact 4:- "Kaiser" was the first German Shepherd dog killed in war. He served at Vietnam and died trying to lick his owner’s hand.
Fact 5:- The Thirteen Club is a club only for senior German Shepherds of 11 years and older.

Fact 6:- There are 350,000 pure breed German Shepherds…