21 amazing facts about German shepherd dog.

 The German Shepherd is one of the most famous  breed of dog all over the world and has won many hearts.This dog breed is very loyal to human families.   here are some interesting facts about German shepherd dog

Here are some:-

Top 21 facts about German shephard.

Facts about German shepherd

Fact 1:- German shepherd dog is one of the dog breed that have dog after their name because people confused of their name i.e German shepherd  (the human).

Fact 2:- Schutzhund sport  was developed in the 1990s specifically for this breed. It was developed  to test the natural instincts of the German Shepherd dog breed.

Facts 3:-  German Shepherd is the second most registered or famous dog breed in  USA at 3.5 million (first  Golden Retriever).

21 amazing facts about German shepherd

Fact 4:- "Kaiser" was the first German Shepherd dog killed in war. He served at Vietnam and died trying to lick his owner’s hand.

Fact 5:- The Thirteen Club is a club only for senior German Shepherds of 11 years and older.

Fact 6:- There are 350,000 pure breed German Shepherds in Germany alone and  around 15,000 German shepherd puppies born each year.

Fact 7:- German shepherds are very famous that German shepherd won many awards at dog show.
Facts about German shepherd

Fact 8:-  the German Shepherd dog is the third most intelligent dog breed (1stpoodle and 2nd border collies).

Fact 9:- The bite of a German shepherd has 238 pounds-of-force – humans have about 86. This is enough force to take down a human, break bones.

Fact 10:- German Shepherds dog can learn many  tasks after only five repetitions.
Facts about German shepherd

Fact 11:- This breed always  obey the command given by his owner  approx 95 percent of the time.

 Fact 12:- In the 1920’s in Switzerland, the all formal  guide dogs trained and all were the German Shepherds.

Fact 13:- There’s a coloration in German Shepherds known as the “Panda.”

Fact 14:-  A German shepherd named "Captain" , after the death of his owner that he used to go and sit on his owner's gravestone for six years.

 Facts 15:- If you do a YouTube search for German Shepherds you will get around  million of results.
 Fact 16:-"Nemo" was a German Shepherd dog that served in the Vietnam war. this brave dog was shoot at his  one  eye but he was still attack the enemy giving his handler time to escape.

 Fact 17:-In the early 1899, the German Shepherd dog breed is  new to the dog world and was founded by "Captain Max von Stephanitz" (German cavalry).

 Fact 18:-Stephanitz travelled many places  for the perfect dog and finally purchased the first German Shepherd named Hektor Linksrhein.

  Fact 19:-Hektor (later renamed Horand v. Grafeth) was wolf-like German shepherd , had a  great  intelligence .
Facts about German shepherd

 Fact 20:-German shepherd was first bred as a herding dog breed and for protect the castles against predators.

 Fact 21:-The German Shepherd was used as a guard dog , supply carrier, protective Dog, messenger, and used as rescuer.

# facts about German shepherd#.

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