15 fabulous facts about Doberman .

 The Doberman is often seen as a loyal,familiar,protective, dog  breed. While they are excellent guard dogs and watch dogs.  

Here are  15 fabulous facts about Doberman .

1. The Doberman is a  new dog breed,beacuse  Doberman breed is less than 150 years old. Originated in germany in1880s.

2. The Doberman was first bred by a Tax Collector named as Herr Karl Louis Dobermann.

3. Herr karl louis bred Doberman to protect him against thieves.because he was a tax collector.

4.many dog breeds were used to create  Doberman. some of them were the German Shorthaired Pointer, , Weimaraner, Great Dane, Manchester Terrier, , Rottweiler, Beauceron, Black and Tan Terrier.

5. Ear and tail of doberman is docked because these are the weak points of Doberman.  person could pull the dog to the ground by pull of the ears and tail.

6. Doberman is used to do any job . Doberman have been used for police work, coursing, scent tracking, diving, search and rescue.

7.The Doberman is also a Film Star. In the 1972’s a film called, The Doberman Gang was made. It’s a film about “six savage Dobes with a thirst for cold cash that leaves banks bone dry.” 

8.  A Doberman named Kurt was the first canine causality in the 1944 Battle of Guam during World WarII.  The brave dog saved the soldiers, but was killed by an enemy grenade. Kurt became the first dog buried in the United States Marine Corps War Dog Cemetery.

9. Doberman  is very intelligent dog breed. Doberman is ranked as the 5th smartest dog breed.

10.  Dobes are medium in size. Reaching heights between 25-27 inches tall.

11.  Black and tan is the common  hair coat colors of the Doberman, but they can also be seen in fawn and tan, as well as liver and tan.

12. Decades of breeding has made the Doberman gentler. The first Dobermans were bred to be fierce and only the toughest dogs were selected to carry out the breed.

13. Today, Doberman become  one of the most famous dog breeds all over the world.

14. Doberman dog breed was originate from Germany.

15. The Dobermans were  originally bred to be used as a guard and protective dog.

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Top 15 fabulous facts about Doberman. 

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