10 unknown facts about dog.

10 unknown  facts about dog.

Dogs are Man's best friend ,for not only today also from many years ago.today I'm gonna tell you about some interesting facts about dogs that many people don't know.

Dogs often dreams.even they experience similar stages of dreaming like humans-including eye movement. Twitches and paw movement  are some of the ways you can spot a dreaming dog.

10 unknown  facts about dog.

They can be as smart as two years-old child,with the ability to learn a similar average number of words.
 (Border collie dogs) are the smartest dog.then  (poodle), (German shepherd dog), (golden retriever),and (Doberman)followed as the smartest dogs.
10 unknown  facts about dog.


A dog's sense of smell is 10,000 times better than ours.they can even use this super sense to detect diseases like cancer and diabetes .


A wagging tail to greet you is one of the most recognisable forms of communication we sees from dogs,but it isn't always a positive one.


Dogs sometimes share our emotions- getting stressed or upset.
They also understand emotions.
They can feel a range of emotions like depression and jealousy, and of course.a lot of love.


There is many myths like dogs only sees black and white,but this in not true dogs are able to detect strains of yellow and blue and are only red-green colour blind.


Dogs doesn't sweat because they doesn't have sweat gland on their body but they have sweat gland on their paws.


Dog's closest living relatives are wolves-but their exact lineage I unclear. We do know that humans begans to train and domesticate wlovez over 15,000 years ago.


A dog's nose print are unique as our fingerprints in humans.


Studies demonstrate that dogs aling themselves with the earth's magnetic field before pooping.

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10 unknown  facts about dog.  #dog lovers 
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10 unknown  facts about dog. 


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