10 Interesting facts about Rottweiler.

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The Rottweiler is a breed of domestic dog,regarded as medium to large or large .the dogs were known in German as Rottweiler metzgerhund,meaning rottweil butchers.

Life span:~8 to 10 years

Temperament: steady,good.natured,fearless,obedient and alert.

Height:female 56:53 cm and in male  61:69 cm.

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1:the Rottweiler was originally used by the Romans as they began to settle in Germany. 

2.The Romans used the Rottweiler to drive cattle and pull carts of meat.that's why they called as"rottweil butchers".

10 interesting facts about Rottweiler.

3.the Rottweiler descended from a Roman Mastiff-type dog called as "Molossus".

4.the first Rottweiler registered by the American kennel club was in 1931 and named as stina von felsenmeer.

5.once the railway was started, the Rottweiler nearly became extinct as their services were no longer needed.

6.After world war 2 the breed became more popular.At that time,it was primarily known as an excellent obedience dog.

10 interesting facts about Rottweiler.

7.The head of the Rottweiler is typically blocky with warm Brown eyes and forehead wrinkles when it is alert.It has small ears that lie flat against its head.

8.The Rottweiler's coat is of medium length and consists of a waterproof undercoat and a course topcoat.

9.In 1882,at the dog show in Heilbronn,Germany, one nondescript Rottweiler was exhibited. 

10.Since the breed was no longer needed for farmers, they began to be used in police work,for which they were well suited.

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10 Interesting facts about Rottweiler. #Rottweiler facts

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10 Interesting facts about Rottweiler.


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